ÚvodGLASSKarisruher bottle, KF 12, SIMAX

Karisruher bottle, KF 12, SIMAX

Product: 632414332250Cat. number: KF 12
Manufacturer: KAVALIERGLASS, a.s.


Fränkel´s nose irrigator 115 x 105 mm

Fränkel´s nose irrigator 115 x 105 mm

Product: TSK-632524202000
Cat. number: 3550

Evaporation dish, flat bottom, without spout, 60 ml, SIMAX

Product: 632411628070
Cat. number: 178/60

Flat bottom Container 120/3x250

Product: 632422790121
Cat. number: 632422790121

7332 Milk powder butyrometer with stopper 0-35%

Product: 632438033500
Cat. number: 632438033500

(MOQ! on request) Butyrometer

Product: 632438309000
Cat. number:

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